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visual storytelling through graphic design

visual storytelling through graphic design


Taqueria Nueve


Menu Design


Taqueria Nueve


Concept, illustration, menu design


Food & Beverage

Tacos! This menu design for a favorite Mexican restaurant won a design award from Communication Arts magazine. The images are inspired by the traditional loteria card game and were painted in naïve style on wood board, scanned, printed, then inserted into linen menu holders. Images 1 and 2 held the bar menu. Images 3–8 held main menus, and 9–10 held dessert. Image 11 featured pesos and una cuenta that was painted from a photo taken years earlier at a restaurant in the Yucatan. We also did a set of fridge magnets and t-shirts. I love these paintings and this project is a perfect example of combining my love of making art—in this case acrylic painting on wood—and graphic design.