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visual storytelling through graphic design

visual storytelling through graphic design


Pearl Chocolate


Brand Development


Pearl Chocolate


Logo/branding, business/marketing collateral, packaging, signage, point-of-purchase, photography, photo styling, event collateral


Food & Beverage

Portland's beloved Pearl Bakery began its very own Pearl Chocolate line, and we loved every tasty minute working to create a logo, bonbon menu, photos, packaging, and print and digital marketing materials.

Our cacao pod and type mark follows the lead of the bakery’s logo, which features finally illustrated wheat sheaths, to capitalize on the bakery’s established reputation. Packaging features a lovely emboss and cobalt blue raffia; the blue also ties into the bakery’s original blue brand.

All the materials sought to amplify the handmade, luxury and naturally luscious sense of the chocolate itself. A favorite is probably the French gray sea salted caramel.