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visual storytelling through graphic design

visual storytelling through graphic design




Kibu.com Digital Lifestyle Brand




Art direction, interface design, project management, content creation, project management, photo illustration


Social Media

Kibu was an extremely well-funded web startup founded in the dot.com era across Silicon Valley. They offered content and chat rooms aimed at girls between the ages of 13 and 18. This target demographic was one of the fastest-growing segments of web users.

As a consultant, I flew down weekly to assist in art direction, content development, interface design and project management. The site was hosted by “Faces” who represented particular content on the site of interest to the demographic. I led development of certain areas, including “K-Points,” an online shopping portal, and “K.I.T.” (Keep In Touch), which featured digital postcards I illustrated (shown here), among many other sections.

The team produced scores of magazine-style articles, as well using on-the-fly imagery and illustration — all of it really fast and fun! Unfortunately, after being live for mere months, Kibu was shut down as management and investors determined the business model wasn't sustainable. Closures like this one triggered an avalanche of dot-coms to shutter their doors. What an era!