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visual storytelling through graphic design

visual storytelling through graphic design


Grochau Cellars




GC Wines


Design, production, packaging, business/marketing collateral, web art direction


Food & Beverage

We’ve teamed up with Grochau Cellars for quite a few years – art directing an early website and doing production on labels for lovely offerings including pinot noir and pinot blanc, as well as emerging varieties like melon de bourgogne and gamay. We’ve also been doing direct mail, brochures and business cards.

When John Grochau, a cyclist at heart, released a new easy-drinking pinot noir named Commuter Cuvée, we were thrilled to create the label design since we are cyclists ourselves. The artwork incorporates the simple, clean GC look with a commuter bike silhouette and a splash of pinot noir red.

Particularly eye-catching is the case art, which when stacked at the local grocery, creates an array of bikes.